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Camel Milk Allergy or Seasonal Allergy?

Recently several parents have called to ask if their child has become allergic to the camel milk due to runny nose, earache, etc.  In each case, since it is the pollen season, I have been able to walk the parent through the symptoms and we have been able to rule out the milk.  During the high pollen season if a child has been on the milk for some time, then it is usually the pollen that is the problem.  In that case we have the patients stop the milk for a few days anyway, because milk will create mucous, yes, even camel milk can cause some mucous, although not to the extent of goat or cow.

The mucous buildup only adds to the allergy problems.  Orange juice, as well as any type of dairy products, can cause mucous.  In my office, we usually find out the region of the country the patient is calling from and suggest a homeopathic remedy for the regional allergies and often a homeopathic eye drop for runny, itchy eyes.  We suggest that parents check with their doctor before doing anything, but also suggest that they ask the doctor if they will be able to take a small amount of vitamin C as well.  Some patients can also take quercetin, but not all.  (Always check with your physicians before taking anything new.)

Using a good air purifier in the child’s room during this season seems to help.  Keep windows closed and make sure to vacuum and mop often to remove any pollen that has been tracked into the home.  Shampoo the child’s hair often to remove any pollen that the child has come into contact with outside.  Also make sure to wipe down your pets fur with a damp cloth to remove any excess pollen accumulated from the pets’ outside trips.  Pets can bring pollen into the home on their fur, and if the child holds the pet then they are further exposed.  Also plenty of water is needed to help flush the allergens from the body.