Monthly Archives: August 2013

Camel Milk and Maple Syrup Study

I am always amazed when I discover something that is able to help so many people with such positive health results, as I was with the camel milk.  For the last 6 months I have been working with patients utilizing maple syrup and camel milk.  Let me caution everyone that this is not a simple combination of maple syrup and camel milk.  Much time and research has gone into this study, and the results have been very exciting across the board from diabetes, cancer, Crohn’s, hepatitis, autism to Alzheimer’s.  I am so very pleased with what I have seen in patients.

For 28 years I have recommended maple syrup to patients, and not honey, for very specific reasons.  In this study I was able to isolate specific nutraceuticals that were combined into a paste with the maple syrup, and then followed within a specific time frame by the camel milk.  This is not a combination of just camel milk and maple syrup. It is a very specific protocol that needs to be followed for the best results.  There is a specific amount of the maple syrup needed, and a specific grade, and specific nutraceuticals that are needed to make the paste, and then there is a specific wait period before the milk is consumed.  

I must caution against those who just blog and do not have the facts that this is dosage specific.  I have tried many combinations and dosages and have found the specific dosage that works with each illness and patient.  Read more about the study on my website or call for an appointment (919-928-0821) to become a participant in a larger study with the maple syrup and camel milk.