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Diabetes and Camel Milk. Does It Work?

In the past 2 months I have seen 8 children in my office with Type I diabetes that got the diagnosis within 3 days to 2 weeks of having vaccines.  This is alarming!!!!  Parents describe having a perfectly healthy child, and then within days the child becomes ill and the diagnosis is Type I diabetes.  This is a serious problem that must be addressed.  Mainstream medicine refuses to take the blame for the vaccines in their role in autism, diabetes and other illnesses.  Yes, there is a genetic factor that plays into the scenario as well, but the main fact that I have heard over and over for the past 28 years is that, “My child was perfectly normal until I gave him/her the vaccines.”  And again when we test the children with diabetes we find an overload of heavy metals as well as insecticides in many cases.  

The good news is that almost all of these children test well on the camel milk and do very well on the milk.  We do add in other specific supplements that each child is deficient in and this further helps with lowering the need for insulin.  Studies have shown that Type I diabetes in children has been reversed in quite a few cases when caught quickly and when the right therapy was implemented.  I have seen it in my office as well.  Parents need to know that it is not just drinking camel milk; it is a combination of things combined with the camel milk.  One child in my office was diagnosed with Type I diabetes and with the combination protocol and the camel milk, she was able to go from 4 injections of insulin to 1 injection of insulin per day within an 8 week period.  

One study released in the last year states that there is an environmental factor to diabetes.  I have stated this for 30 years.  I have all my diabetics tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and insecticide residue, and one or more are always elevated in these patients.  Very little is being done to look at the cause of diabetes other than the diet and eating habits which play a large role, but nothing to my knowledge has been done to look at the correlation of vaccines to diabetes that occurs within days of having the vaccinations.