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Camel Milk for Cancer Patients

In recent months I have allergy tested several cancer patients who did not test well for camel milk.  Those same patients did test well, however, for donkey milk.  While there may only be 10 to 15 cancer patients out of every hundred who do not test well for camel milk, it is of a concern to me and I am sure to those 10 to 15 patients.  In the past 3 weeks I have tested cancer patients who did not test well for the camel milk for elevated iron levels and for elevated levels of heavy metals.  Out of 8 cancer patients tested, 7 had elevated iron levels and the 8th patient’s levels were on the upper end of normal.  All 8 patients had elevated levels of one or more heavy metals.

What does this mean?  There are specific differences in camel milk vs. donkey milk.  One difference is that camel milk is high in iron, and I have had to monitor autistic children on the milk, who were taking iron supplements, to prevent elevated iron levels while drinking the camel milk.  Another difference is that donkey milk is high in the amino acid, glutathione.  This is interesting, because almost all cancer patients are deficient in glutathione.  Another interesting fact is that glutathione acts as a mild chelating agent for heavy metals.  In the 8 patients tested, there did not seem to be any specific dairy allergies and all of the patients on the donkey milk are doing quite well.

I have witnessed many cancer patients recover who were drinking camel milk, and have heard from hundreds of patients around the world about the amazing effects of the milk and stories of recovery from cancer.  Camel milk has been used as an adjunct therapy for traditional cancer treatments of chemotherapy and radiation.  Studies have shown that the milk enhances the therapy, but most importantly, helps with the negative side effects of cancer therapy. 

Further studies need to be completed:  a.) Glutathione levels need to be checked on all cancer patients.  b.) Iron and heavy metal levels need to be checked on cancer patients, because iron can cause certain cancer cells to multiply rapidly.  This is my main concern.  c.) Heavy metal levels should be evaluated on all cancer patients.  Most importantly, this needs to be done correctly, which is not with a blood test.  Chelating drugs should be given properly and then a urine collection is completed and sent to a lab.

The reason that some patients do not test well on the camel milk and do test well on the donkey milk may be as simple as reducing the iron levels for patients and/or supplementing with glutathione to benefit from the camel milk; in any case further studies need to be done.  I suggest that any cancer patient have their iron levels checked, whether they are drinking the camel milk or not, to ensure that cancer cells are not spreading, and by all means feel free to drink the camel milk if it tests well for you.

Enemas for Autistic Children

This past week the mother of an autistic child called my office to ask about the camel milk and my protocol.  Then she proceeded to tell me about an exciting “therapy” that many parents of autistic children were doing.  She informed me that her child’s behavior was much better after treatment.  The exciting “therapy”: enemas with MMS (an industrial bleach solution)!  Parents have been doing enemas as well as administering this bleach by mouth to their autistic children.  When I expressed my disdain for this “therapy” the mother proceeded to inform me that Autism One supported it.  So what!  This does not make it a sound therapy.  No physician I know would approve of this “therapy,” nor would I ever recommend it to any autistic parent in my office.  The mother that called stated that she was having amazing results with parasite removal.  She further stated that she could actually see them come out with each enema that she performed daily!

For parents considering this “therapy” for their child let me share some information.  Enemas can upset the gut flora and cause even more problems with leaky gut.  Doing enemas on a daily basis can weaken the sphincter muscle over time, and there have even been reported cases of punctures and tears to the rectum and/or intestines.  MMS is a toxic industrial bleach and no matter how much it is diluted, it remains an industrial bleach.  To ingest this orally or rectally is not good for anyone long term.  Parasitologists that I spoke with about this “therapy” were appalled and stated that parasites can’t just be “flushed” out of the body with enemas.  There are many different types of parasites that can be found in the body and they are not just in the lower colon.  They can be found in the upper colon as well as throughout the body: for example, flukes, which can be found in organs, etc.  What most people see and think of as parasites when doing enemas is really just mucus and fecal matter with mucus.  Not parasites!  Oh sure, one might occasionally get out a few parasites in the mix, but MMS does not kill nor remove parasites to the extent that is being reported.  Enemas can deplete the body of vitamins and minerals as well as destroy the good gut bacteria needed for a healthy immune system.  (Autistic children are already deficient in many vitamins and minerals with an overgrowth of “bad” bacteria.)  There is also a chance of introducing harmful bacteria into a child’s colon with enemas due to improper administration and/or equipment that is not sterile.  Mental health experts that I spoke with feel that this type of invasive therapy could possibly leave emotional scars on a young child.  In later years, the young child may remember this as some type of abuse, because young children do not necessarily perceive things in the logical sense that adults do.  

The most important fact that I want parents to understand is that it is not the MMS nor the daily enemas that are causing the child’s behavior to seem better.  All autistic children have “toxic” overload, whether it is heavy metals, parasites, mycotoxins, fungal, etc., and they all have leaky guts.  As fecal material containing traces of these “toxins” moves through the colon, traces of these toxins can be partially reabsorbed through the gut lining due to the leaky gut.  This reabsorption can affect the child’s behavior as well as health.  Performing enemas removes fecal material as well as toxins in the feces, thereby keeping the reabsorption problem in control.  The reduction in behavioral problems is seen as less and the child appears to have improved behavior as well as health.  The explanation is just this simple and is not because you are getting out copious amounts of parasites!  That is absolutely absurd!  Over the past 28 years I have seen hundreds of patients with health and behavioral problems seem to get some relief after having colonic enemas, because all of these patients had gut issues and by removing the fecal material with “toxins” such as heavy metals, fungus, molds, etc., they felt better temporarily, but until they repaired their leaky guts and removed the underlying cause of their illness they experienced only a temporary “fix” with enemas.

I recommend that parents work to solve the problem of parasites, fungal, mycotoxins, etc. with safer, more gentle methods.  By incorporating the real food diet that I developed for my patients as well as proper nutrition and supplements along with any adjunct therapy that your physician might recommend, you will see positive results.  Keep in mind that the underlying cause must eventually be addressed when it comes to gut issues.