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Gulf War Syndrome

I recently began a new project with veterans of the Gulf War and feel as if I have opened Pandora’s box.  The health and psychological issues with these brave men and women is overwhelming.  A sad fact is that the wives and children of the veterans have developed health issues as well.  My original study was to include only veterans, but I have now expanded the study to include their family members.  I was recently informed by an official with military that soldiers returning from the Gulf region today are exhibiting many of the same health issues as those veterans who served during the Gulf War.  

One veteran told of three of his platoon members committing suicide within the last 30 days.  A female veteran related that while serving in the Gulf War she witnessed camels and dogs dying for no apparent reason.  She spoke of dead birds dropping from the sky at her feet.  When she expressed concern for her health to her commanding officer she was told there was nothing to worry about.  She is now totally disabled.  Another veteran with severe depression was shipped over 30 different bottles of pills from a VA hospital for depression.  Naturally all of these drugs in combination made him suicidal.  No one was supervising his medications and several of the drugs were not to be mixed with his other medications.  One veteran received an overdose of the anthrax vaccine and became very ill.  He was then given even more vaccines before he deployed to the Gulf.  That same veteran was then exposed to a toxic chemical when he and his platoon raided an abandoned building.  He, as well as every one of his platoon members, are now disabled.  The courts are filled with these veterans; many of them are exhibiting symptoms of PTSD.  Veterans Administration officials are overwhelmed with caseloads of these veterans.  I have been very impressed with the officials I have worked with in the Veterans Administration.  I have been impressed with the support that they try to provide for the veterans.  It is the VA hospitals that I find appalling.

There is little or no real medical help for these veterans with Gulf War symptoms.  The wives and children of these veterans have unexplained rashes on their bodies.  Children have been born with physical abnormalities, asthma, severe allergies, autism, etc.  One veteran with skin rash, vomiting, and fatigue was exposed to petrochemicals while serving in the Gulf War; his wife became ill shortly after his return from the Gulf with many of the same symptoms.  Medical tests revealed that she had the exact same petrochemicals in her that her husband had been exposed to while serving in the Gulf War.  Her children also developed rashes and fatigue.

The good news is that the first veterans in the study are showing progress on the camel milk.  Rashes have disappeared, sleep patterns have improved, gut issues are resolved, and acts of depression, anger and aggression have lessened.  The veterans in my study need detoxification, nutritional support, and the camel milk, not only for its nutritional value, but for the ability of the camel milk antibodies to aid in repair of the gut, nervous system, and damaged organs of these men and women.  Unfortunately, it is not just veterans of the Gulf War who are affected here in the U.S., but veterans from other countries who were involved in the Gulf War as well.  Soldiers from those countries were affected by the same toxins as our troops.

I am currently seeking funding to expand the study to include more Gulf War veterans.  Contact me at Camel Milk USA for more information.  I encourage anyone with Gulf War symptoms who may be interested in learning more about my study to contact me at: 919-928-0821.