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Targeting Cancer with Camel Antibodies

Recently released results of a major cancer study conducted here in the U.S. have yielded impressive results.  The study combined a chemotherapy drug with camel antibodies.  The camel antibodies acted as carrying agents for the drug.  The antibodies delivered the drug directly to the targeted cancer cells.  The cancer cells were completely destroyed while leaving the surrounding cells healthy and unaffected by the chemotherapy drug.  The patients had none of the expected negative side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea and fatigue.

This new approach demonstrates exactly what I have been telling patients over and over.  Camel milk antibodies have the ability to act as carrying agents.  They have the ability to seek out and destroy cancer cells while protecting the body against the negative side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.  I always advise patients to consume camel milk when undergoing cancer therapy.  The milk is high in lactoferrin, which helps to fight cancer by boosting the immune system.  Camel milk has elevated levels of B vitamins, which can be depleted by chemotherapy.  The milk is also high in vitamin C, which can fight against free radical damage to cells from chemotherapy and radiation.

I test all cancer patients in my office for elevated levels of iron.  (Camel milk contains iron.)  Elevated levels of iron can cause certain types of cancer to grow.  I reduce any elevated levels of iron before the patient begins the camel milk protocol.  Cancer patients usually need more milk than patients with other illnesses.  The  milk must be started slowly and the dosage gradually increased to the  maximum levels required.  I suggest calling my office for an appointment or a consultation if you have questions about camel milk antibodies for cancer therapy.  My office contact phone number is 919-928-0821.

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Lactose Intolerance and Camel Milk

Lactase is the sugar found in milk.  Lactase is the enzyme needed to digest the lactose in milk.  Many lactose intolerant individuals do very well on camel milk.  Pasteurized camel milk is an excellent choice for those individuals.

Pasteurization of milk: 1) reduces the level of lactose in the milk, 2) removes much of the strong flavor found in raw milk.

I advise patients who are lactose intolerant to try the pasteurized camel milk.  They seem to enjoy the taste.  Unfortunately all of the dairies in the U.S. are presently using pasteurization machinery designed for goat and cow milk.  The high temperatures and length of time required by these machines will overcook or burn the milk.  I am pleased to announce that I am working with a large Grade A dairy here in the U.S. that is in the process of installing the correct pasteurization machinery.  I always caution anyone to buy camel milk only from a Grade A dairy.  These dairies must pass strict inspections to maintain their rating as Grade A.  I know that I would only want milk from a Grade A dairy if I or my child needed it for health reasons.  For the name of a Grade A dairy, contact my office at 919-928-0821.

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