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Are Vaccines for You?

I am often asked my opinion on vaccines.  My answer is that I do not believe in multiple vaccines and I do not believe that children nor the elderly need the excessive amount of vaccines recommended by doctors.  Have vaccines saved lives?  Yes.  But do I personally want a vaccine for every little thing?  No.  Here are a few facts and studies that might help you make a better decision when deciding whether to vaccinate or not.

Medical study revealed that senior citizens who have flu shots 3-5 years in a row increase their chances of Alzheimer’s ten times!

Many senior citizens who obtain the shingles shot develop serious cases of shingles.

One study published by JAMA network stated that senior citizens in rest homes did better in preventing illnesses such as the flu by taking antioxidants and specific supplements than those who received vaccines for specific illnesses such as the flu.

Study of the DNA of children found that the measles virus was present in the gut of children who had received the measles vaccine while children who had not received the vaccine had no measles virus present in their gut.

In a typical 2 month vaccination rate in a child, the mercury level is 125 times the EPA limit for a single dosage.

Mercury in vaccines has been shown to inhibit enzyme function.

In a study with autistic children who had been vaccinated compared to children who had not been vaccinated, the results of chelation with DMSA revealed that vaccinated autistic children excreted 3 times the amount of mercury as the children with no vaccines.

Study in the Netherlands revealed that 50% of patients who received the pneumonia vaccine developed serious side effects.

Many Type I diabetic children have developed diabetes within a few days of receiving multiple vaccinations.

Study revealed that children and adults with elevated heavy metal levels who take antibiotics develop more harmful resistant bacteria.

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?

Antioxidants and supplements that boost the immune system are recommended.

The Canadian government has approved homeopathic vaccines.

Homeopathic prevention dosages for illnesses:  for instance, each year the flu strains are made into a homeopathic formula.  The patient takes the remedy on a specific day of the week for 4 weeks, then skips 3 weeks, then takes the final dosage.

There are also prevention remedies for such things as shingles, pneumonia, etc.  If you have questions call my office at 919-928-0821.

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