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A Soldier’s Story

I first saw Donald P. exactly one year ago this week.  I had to wear a surgical mask, protective gloves, and eye goggles just to be in the same room with him.  (My throat and eyes were burning from the toxins he was outgassing.)  He came to me with severe depression, violent outbursts, insomnia, and brain fog.  He had developed unexplained rashes and gut issues as well since returning from the Middle East where he served in the military.  He had all the symptoms I had seen previously with Gulf War veterans even though he had not been deployed in Iraq.  Donald had been the usual route of VA hospital doctors with no improvement of his symptoms.  In fact, he stated that taking the VA prescribed medications only made his symptoms worse!  Of course they did!!

I tested Donald and found levels of the anthrax vaccine as well as other vaccines he had been given prior to being deployed to the Middle East.  I also found elevated levels of petrochemicals, insecticides, pesticides, mercury, tin, etc.  (U.S. weapon manufacturers are known to use elevated levels of heavy metals in their explosives and bullets.)  He was so toxic I had to see him every day for the first week.  I immediately placed him on the camel milk for the gut issues.  Homeopathic remedies and supplements were used to address the other issues.

The very first week was tough.  He was placed in an infrared sauna twice a day, but by the second week he was already feeling better and was able to sleep.  He stated that he was not as depressed nor as angry.  At the end of 8 weeks Donald felt like he had his life back.  I was thrilled for him and his family.  I had also discovered when working with Donald that his wife and children had similar unexplained rashes and medical issues as well.  I placed them on a modified program similar to Donald’s and am happy to report that Donald called this week to thank me and to say that he and his family were doing great!  They are still drinking the camel milk even though they no longer need it for medical reasons.

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