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Camel Colostrum for Cancer Patients

A study conducted at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center known worldwide for cancer research concluded that colostrum is rich in antibodies needed to build and maintain a healthy immune system.  Camel milk has higher levels of lactoferrin than either goat or cow milk.  Camel milk also has a unique antibody not found in goat or cow milk that is able to penetrate cells and cross the brain barrier.  Lactoferrin is found in much higher concentration in the colostrum of the female camel and specifically in early lactation of female camels (up to 6 months lactation).  Lactoferrin helps to destroy viruses, bacteria, and fungi, thereby accelerating the healing process.  Everyone has cancer cells in their bodies, but it is only with a weakened immune system that cancer cells take hold and multiply.

Lactoferrin binds with iron in the body and prevents it from being used as a fuel for replication of cancer cells.  Scientists believe that lactoferrin can actually starve cancer cells to death.  A Japanese study found that lactoferrin in milk was able to stop the growth of cancerous tumors in mice.  The study revealed that lactoferrin not only stopped the growth of skin cancer and leukemia in mice, but also prevented cancer cells from spreading to the lungs and liver.  Camel colostrum also contains properties such as transfer factors that include immunoglobulins.  These immunoglobulins are necessary for proper immune function.

Camel milk has been proven effective in study after study as an alternative treatment for cancer.  I have found camel colostrum to be a very effective addition to cancer therapy by giving patients a boost to their immune systems.  Most cancer patients need only a small amount of colostrum before switching to only camel milk.  There are specific do’s and don’ts with camel milk and camel colostrum for cancer patients.  An important fact for all cancer patients to note is that not only does camel milk and camel colostrum help with the negative side effects of traditional chemotherapy and radiation, it also enhances these same therapies.

There is no 100% cure for cancer, but camel milk and camel colostrum do much to support immune functioning when fighting cancer.  Call or set up a consultation if you have questions regarding my camel milk and camel colostrum protocol.  Office number is 919-928-0821.



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