Vaccines Without Your Knowledge

Did you know that hospitals can vaccinate you or your child without your knowledge?  Let me refer you to:

If this doesn’t give you nightmares, then I do not know what will!  One report comes from a nurse whistleblower in a neonatal intensive care unit of a hospital.  Nurse Michelle Rowton revealed that premature infants were being given CDC’s recommended vaccines causing severe life-threatening results.  Since the Affordable Care Act, it is now hospital policy that if a patient has not had a flu or pneumococcal vaccine, they are automatically administered to the patient without their knowledge or permission.  It is hospital and health department policy!

When you go to the hospital for surgery and sign the consent form required by all hospitals, you should be careful what you sign.  Be aware of the word “biogenics” in the text of the consent form.  This means that you will be given any vaccine deemed “necessary” by the hospital without  your direct knowledge!  When you sign any hospital consent form you should always write, “I Do Not Want Any Vaccines.”  “No Vaccines!”  And then be sure to initial each and every page of the form.  Also make your statement verbally in front of a friend or family member who will later be able to testify that you requested “No Vaccines.”

Let me tell you of a hospital that I worked with on a case of a very sick baby.  The baby had been born with heart problems and had undergone five operations within his short 7 months of life.  He had never been out of the hospital since his birth.  The hospital told the parents that the child would not eat on its own.  Each time they tried the baby cried and they had to use a feeding tube.  The parents asked the doctors to consult with me on camel milk.  The hospital agreed and the baby was started on the camel milk.  It was amazing!  The baby loved it and the crying stopped.  The hospital agreed to finally let the baby go home.  The day before he was to go home the doctors decided to suddenly, with no explanation, stop the milk and give the baby a group of vaccinations.  Within a few hours the baby died!  The hospital staff could not understand why the baby had such a drastic reaction to “recommended vaccines!”  This is supposed to be one of the top children’s hospitals in the U.S.!